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From the best-selling author of Plain Living: A Quaker Path to Simplicity comes Practicing Peace: A Devotional Walk through the Quaker Tradition, a guide to the Quaker discipline of practicing peace for spiritual seekers of any religious tradition. Stories of successful nonviolent movements throughout history are partnered with quotes mined from over 350 years of Quaker teachings on peace. Query questions lead readers on a journey to self-discovery and through the stages of practicing peace: first by focusing inwardly, then turning their eyes to practice peace in the world around us. Includes a brief biography of each Friend quoted in the book, a glossary of common Quaker terms as well as additional online resources.

Cathy Whitmire is donating the royalties from Practicing Peace to the African Great Lakes Initiative.

SKU/ISBN: 9781933495071 Author: Catherine Whitmire Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Practicing Peace: A Devotional Walk through the Quaker Tradition
1695 1526

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