Rachel Balducci | Softcover
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“We all sometimes find ourselves overcommitted. . . . Where we struggle sometimes to see where we are doing too much, a good girlfriend can sit us down over a cup of coffee and say, “Hey, you need to stop.'

“And that’s just what Rachel Balducci does in these pages. Like a good girlfriend or a sister who gets it, she sits us down and helps us to see that we need to figure out what our priorities are and let go of some stuff that doesn’t matter quite so much.

“With honesty and humor, Rachel shares her own struggles and helps us to see we are not alone in the crazy. Without preaching or prescribing, she offers tools we can use to figure out how to balance our many priorities and commitments, how to know when we need to readjust, and how to find peace and joy in the midst of it all.” ‚Äîfrom the foreword by Danielle Bean

SKU/ISBN: 9781593253851 Author: Rachel Balducci Publisher: Word Among Us Press
Overcommitted: Cut Chaos and Find Balance
1695 1525

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