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Letter & Spirit is a journal of Catholic biblical theology for the new millennium. It seeks to foster deeper understanding of sacred Scripture and the divine liturgy of the Church.
This second volume of the journal, “The Authority of Mystery: The Word of God and the People of God,” is inspired by the scholarship of Pope Benedict XVI—especially Benedict’s concerns about the relation of the Bible to faith in Christ.
The editors write in their introduction: “How to read the Bible is, at bottom, a question about the identity of Jesus. Is he Jesus of Nazareth only, or is he also the Christ, the Son of the living God? Did he have a divine mission to reveal the mystery of God, or was he only a man like others? Does he remain among us in sacrament and liturgy?”

About the Series: Letter & Spirit seeks to foster a deeper conversation about the Bible. This new journal of biblical theology, published in collaboration with Scott Hahn and the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, takes a crucial step toward recovering the fundamental link between the literary and historical study of Scripture and its religious and spiritual meaning in the Church’s liturgy and Tradition.
Published annually, issues of the Letter & Spirit journal will be available in retail outlets nationwide, without a subscription, making the series easily accessible to clergy, students, and laity as a resource for both academic and personal study. To order, call Emmaus Road Publishing at (800)398-5470 or visit
About the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology: Located in Steubenville, Ohio, the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology is a non-profit research and educational institute that promotes life-transforming Scripture study in the Catholic tradition. The Letter & Spirit journal is part of the Center’s Letter & Spirit Project, which publishes books on key biblical themes from literary, historical, and theological perspectives.

SKU/ISBN: 9781931018357 Author: St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology Publisher: Emmaus Road Publishing
Letter & Spirit, Vol. 2: The Authority of Mystery: The Word of God and the Peopleof God
1495 1345

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