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1995 1396

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In one volume: the Church's most treasured Latin hymns. Collected and translated into English by one of the century's greatest liturgical scholars.Vatican II mandated that the Church's "treasury of sacred music is to be preserved and cultivated with great care"-in particular, Gregorian chant and Latin were to retain pride of place. That's the last most Catholics heard of either.

But a half-century before Vatican II, the great priest-liturgist Adrian Fortescue was doing for his own parishioners what the Church would later demand. How? By compiling the greatest Latin hymns of the ages - with his own exquisite translations - into one volume, for singing and for meditation. After more than 80 years, it is back in print in a handsome, durable hardcover edition.
Hymns in Latin and English for every major liturgical feast, season and theme:

Evening Hymns * Advent Hymns * Christmas and Epiphany * Lenten Hymns * Eastertide * Whitsuntide (Pentecost) * The Holy Eucharist * The Blessed Virgin * Other Saints Compline for Sunday, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, The Divine Praises and Te Deum Laudamus
This new facsimile edition reproduces the 1913 edition - as set by Stanley Morison, the finest typographer of his time.
Hallowed Sources, Authors

The hymns in this sterling collection are written by, or derived from, such authors and sources as:

St. Gregory the Great (6th-7th c.) * St. Ambrose (5th c.) * St. Thomas Aquinas (13th c.) * St. Augustine of Canterbury (6th c.) * Peter Abelard (12th c.) * Bd. Alcuin of York (9th c.) * St. Benedict's Rule (6th c.) * Breviorum Romanum * Prudentius (greatest Latin hymn writer, 4th c.) * The Psalms * The Roman Office * Monastic Office *Gallican Rite * Milanese Rite * Mozarabic Rite

"These Latin hymns, the treasures of centuries of Catholic worship, are a practical way of carrying out the decrees of Vatican II. Many Catholics remember these hymns - but they should be passed along to the younger generations. For the most part, the Latin of the hymns is simple, and the rhyme and meter make it easy to memorize the texts. Hopefully their publication will help to restore the dignity in worship that Catholics have a right to and earnestly desire." - Monsignor R.Schuler, Sacred Music

(Music not included)

SKU/ISBN: 9780912141138 Author: Adrian Fortescue Publisher: Roman Catholic Books
Latin Hymns
1995 1396

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