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Finding God Through Meditation is the second book of Dan Burke’s Navigating series that brings the wisdom of the saints into your hands. This series is a goldmine for Catholics to deepen your relationship with God and to grow into a deeper union with Jesus Christ.

Finding God Through Meditation by St. Peter of Alcantara is little known, as is the saint himself. Don’t let that fool you. He directed the great mystic St. Teresa of Avila on difficult questions she had about prayer, for which she has written about in her Interior Castle. St. Teresa turned to this great treatise on meditation by St. Peter for guidance.

St. Peter of Alcantara’s work is a sure antidote to much of the false teaching of our day. His insights on prayer are profound and far reaching. You will find here the gems that God has in store for all who truly desire to grow in relationship with Him in prayer. Finding God Through Meditation gives you a window into perspectives on prayer that should challenge and enrich you for years to come.

About the Series: Dan Burke’s Navigating series brings the wisdom of the saints into your hands. This series is a goldmine for Catholics to deepen your relationship with God and to grow into a deeper union with Jesus Christ.

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Many people today are recognizing the act that the human person yearns for meaning in life, a meaning which is found in one’s relationship with the Creator. Dan Burke’s new work on meditation, especially in the thoughts of St. Peter of Alcantara and also reflected in his close collaboration with St. Teresa of Avila, offers significant help in this search. We are made aware that these Saints rejected the notion that meditation is the work of the human mind. Rather, it lies in seeking a quiet and peaceful time with the Living God. Prayer in this work is defined as “A bath, an open place, a bed of pleasure wherein the soul rests and finds refreshment.”
Of special interest is Dan Burke’s updated translation of St. Peter of Alcantara’s treatise on prayer and meditation. This book allows the reader to share in the experience of the Saints who are masters of prayer. This is certainly a growing need to the growing secularism and even implicit atheism which is present in our culture. — Most Rev. John J. Myers,Archbishop of Newark

Dan Burke’s presentation of writings of the Franciscan Saint Peter of Alcantara is a welcome addition to the body of Franciscan spirituality. Although initially written some 400 years ago, Saint Peter’s approach to a method for meditation, and his practical advice on how to enter into meditation, are of timeless significance and of great value to anyone seeking to foster a deeper Franciscan spirituality. Dan Burke’s organization of St. Peter’s work prepares the reader to more fully embrace his process for meditation. The reader will feel compelled to return to this book time and time again to grasp the depth of Saint Peter’s wisdom and to endeavor to incorporate his teachings into one’s daily life. — Fr. Sean O. Sheridan, TOR,President, Franciscan University of Steubenville

St. Teresa of Avila’s struggles to describe her mystical experiences to spiritual directors who did not understand led her finally to Peter of Alcantara. She views him as “a very holy and spiritual man” and presents in The Book of Her Life a detailed account of his penitential practices with the conclusion that “it seemed he was made of nothing but tree roots.” Yet despite all his penances, she found him to be “very affable.” She also mentions that he wrote some small books in the vernacular on prayer that are now popular, “for as one who practiced it well himself he wrote in a very helpful way for those who are given to prayer.” In her Constitutions she recommends for her nuns, among other books, the books written by Peter of Alcantara. In this English translation by Giles Willoughby we can now, like Teresa, sit at the feet of this master on prayer. — Fr. Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD,Institute of Carmelite Studies and vice postulator for the canonization of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

In creating this book, it is as if Dan Burke went up into the attic of the Church, brought down a treasure box full of riches, and dusted them off for us all to behold. The wisdom of St. Peter of Alcantara is desperately needed in this day and age, perhaps more than ever before, and many people will be blessed by discovering his insights on the spiritual life. — Jennifer Fulwiler,Author, writer, and atheist convert to Catholicism

The material in this book of meditations is not for the novice, not for the beginner in the Christian life. It is a book of meditations for those who have labored in the vineyard and are willing to be called on to greater holiness. It is a sharp knife that cuts through our self-satisfaction and shows us how much greater and deeper is the love of God, the demands of that Love, which if yielded to, produce the holiness that will truly glorify Him. May He be praised forever in the wisdom of the saints! — Sr. Ann Shields, SGL,Internationally noted conference and retreat speaker, and author of numerous books on Catholic spirituality

SKU/ISBN: 9781634460163 Author: Edited by Dan Burke Publisher: Emmaus Road Publishing
Finding God Through Meditation: St. Peter of Alcantara (HARDCOVER)
2295 2066

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