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u201cFor years the Lord was right beside me, asking me to be his friend. Unfortunately, I was too busy to respond. The only time I ever spoke with him was when I needed something. In an emergency, I always seemed to remember Jesus. I knew where to find him when I was in trouble, but I would forget about him as soon as he answered my prayer.u201d Sound familiar?

Maybe you turn to Jesus whenever youu2019re in need, but find yourself ignoring Him when your life is smooth sailing. Maybe you already feel close to the Lord, but recognize that—like a marriage or any other significant relationship—complacency can lead to a rut. Maybe youu2019ve never even spoken with Him and arenu2019t quite sure where to begin. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, itu2019s absolutely possible to forge a deeper and richer relationship with Jesus. And in Gary Zimaku2019s newest book, youu2019ll discover ten amazingly easy steps that will help draw you closer to the Lord.

Youu2019ll explore lives in the Bible that were changed forever because of encounters with Jesus. Then youu2019ll learn concrete steps that you can take to grow your friendship with Him. After all, Jesus wants to be your BFF—your Best Friend Forever—even more than you do! So while these steps require some effort on your part, you can rest assured that Jesus is ready and willing to hold up His end of the deal. You face an important decision that only you can make. Are you ready to invite Jesus more deeply into your life? If your answer is u201cYes,u201d Find a Real Friend in Jesus will direct you on the greatest adventure of your life.

Gary Zimak is a full-time Catholic evangelist and author. He is a frequent speaker at parishes and conferences across the country and is widely known for his talks on overcoming anxiety. Gary hosts a daily radio show on BlogTalkRadio and is a regular guest on Catholic Answers Live, EWTN’s Son Rise Morning Show, and Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo. A member of Catholics United for the Faith, the Knights of Columbus, and the Catholic Radio Association, he is an RCIA instructor at Sacred Heart Parish in Riverton, New Jersey, and the chaplain for the Catholic Business Network of South Jersey. Gary resides in New Jersey with his wife, Eileen, and twin daughters, Mary and Elizabeth.

SKU/ISBN: 9781632530226 Author: Gary Zimak Publisher: Franciscan Media & Servant Books
Find a Real Friend in Jesus: Ten Amazingly Easy Steps
1599 959

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