Rev. Fr. John Laux M.A. | Paperback
1495 1345

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Deeply penetrating and delightfully concise, this outline of the Catholic Faith is the perfect instruction tool for those who do not know about the Catholic Faith, as well as a stimulating read for the educated Catholic who wishes to learn more. Fr. Laux never fails to capture and retain the reader’s interest while giving in-depth explanations of topics such as the following (and dozens more):
  • The sources of Faith (pg. 1)
  • The Nature and Attributes of God (66)
  • The Nature and Origin of the Human Race (91)
  • The Immaculate Conception (103)
  • The Hypostatic Union (114)
  • Sanctifying and Actual Grace (145)
  • The Resurrection of the Dead and General Judgment (170)
  • Includes a comprehensive Index to easily locate many topics and their explanations, such as exorcism, evolution, Biblical interpretation, Limbo, Science and the Bible, and more!
Every chapter divides each article of Faith into the parts which make it up, and diligently analyzes each part. Also, the end of each chapter provides thought-provoking Suggestions for Study and Review.

Although originally written as a high school study guide, Chief Truths of the Faith provides an educating and intriguing read for high school students, college students, and adults alike. All will come away from this book more knowledgeable and happier for the experience. (198 pgs., PB.)

SKU/ISBN: 9780895553911 Author: Rev. Fr. John Laux M.A. Publisher: St. Benedict Press / TAN Books
Chief Truths of the Faith - A Course in Religion - Book I
1495 1345

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