Kevin O'Brien | Paperback
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A lot of actors think they’re good enough to be professionals. And even if they are, they seldom get to the place where they can actually make a living as actors. Kevin O’Brien is the rare exception. But even among successful actors, his achievement is rare. He’s done it all on his own, with his own acting company, his own plays, and his own unique niche in the world of theater. He has done it because he knows how to connect with an audience. But along the way, he found that he was playing a much more important role on a much larger stage in a much greater drama. When an actor bows, it is an act of humility. Especially when he bows before God.

SKU/ISBN: 9781505112634 Author: Kevin O'Brien Publisher: St. Benedict Press / TAN Books
An Actor Bows: Show Biz, God and the Meaning of Life
1695 1525

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