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Carol Showalter and Maggie Davis

Your Whole Life: The 3D Plan for Eating Right, Living Well, and Loving God


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“With all of the fads,trends and here-today-gone-tomorrow crazes of the diet industry, it’s refreshing and reassuring to encounter atried-and-true method.” —Publishers Weekly

Your WholeLife is more than a Christian diet plan. Founded in 1972, the “3D” program is based on the principles of healthy eating, a disciplined lifestyle, and Christian discipleship. It quickly became a phenomenal success inchurches across the nation. Now, Carol Showalter, with nutritionist and dietician Maggie Davis, takes thetried-and-true philosophy of 3D to a whole new level.

Your Whole Life begins with the story of 3D and a brief explanation of the 3D Plan for the first twelve weeks. Showalter and Davis offer encouragement and wiseteaching on subjects such as will-power, obedience, self-worth, reaching out to others, understanding emotions, and striving for wholeness of body, mind and spirit. Weekly devotional readings, ranging from the early Christian mystics to contemporary writers, are also included.

Your Whole Life faith based weight lossprogram features a completely revised, updated and expanded nutritional section by Maggie Davis, who has spent her career helping others to achieve optimal health and “nutritional wisdom” by integrating current scientific knowledge with personal and spiritual growth. This section includes:

« Meal plans, menus and recipes for the whole family
« Food-related self-assessment tools for individuals and groups
« Tools to develop a personalized food plan for individuals to meet their physical, medical, emotional and social needs
« Information about body composition and fitness
« Nutritional advice for individuals as they move from one phase of life to another (ie. pregnancy and menopause)
« Current research on healthy eating and weight control

Insisting that it is better to be whole than thin, reclaiming balance instead of obsession, and communicating a vision of generous living as opposed to self-centereddieting, Your Whole Life! will be welcomed by a new generation of Christians who are looking for faith based weight loss and a holistic approach to wellness that encompasses body, mind and spirit.

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Carol Showalter and Maggie Davis

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