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Joanne Turpin

Women in Church History: 21 Stories for 21 Centuries


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Jesus made no secret about his feelings toward women, Joanne Turpin writes. He gifted them with his healing touch, invited them to be among his disciples and welcomed them as friends. In turn, they supported his mission, followed him along the dark road to Calvary and remained faithfully near the tomb. Jesus rewarded their fidelity with the supreme joy of being the first witnesses to his Resurrection. That s where the story of women in the church begins and a glorious beginning it is.

From first-century Rome’s Prisca the Evangelist, companion of Paul, to Dorothy Stang, a missionary sister in twenty-first century Brazil, Joanne Turpin takes us on the lively and adventurous journeys of twenty-one women invaluable to the twenty-one centuries of Catholic church history. Each woman included in this inspiring volume for her exceptional contribution to the Catholic church also portrays personal holiness and moral courage.

These women, some well-known and others not-so-well-known, serve as missionaries and martyrs, reformers and peacemakers, pioneers and prophets, teachers and humanitarians, mystics and writers of spiritual literature. Each woman understood the meaning of true love and emphasized loving service.

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Joanne Turpin