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Jill Geoffrion, Foreword by Michel Pansard, Bishop of Chartres, France

Visions of Mary: Art, Devotion, and Beauty at Chartres Cathedral


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Through image and word, the story of Mary at Chartres unfolds on the pages of this book.

Author and photographer Jill Geoffrion has unusual access to Chartres Cathedral and offers a unique visual and meditative journey in this newest addition to the Mount Tabor Books series.

Readers will discover an architectural marvel, a stunning showcase for the most complete twelfth and thirteenth century collection of stained glass in the world, with many images of Mary, based on biblical stories such as the Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, Presentation at the Temple, and Flight to Egypt.

Included are over seventy-five images of the Virgin of Chartres that have been recently restored as well as works of sculpture, painting and liturgical items.

“Rich commentary, and a marvelous array of photographs from the windows and the sculpture.”
—John James, author of The Contractors of Chartres

Praise for Visions of Mary:

“This book is born out of the personal experience, when the author, a woman, Protestant pastor, and mother sat in prayer near the relic of the Veil of the Virgin Mary. Carried by biblical texts and supported by the beautiful and emotionally sensitive photographs of the author, it helps us to discover the traces of Mary, whose presence is found throughout the cathedral. In this quest, Our Lady of Chartres appears as both an exceptional reliquary and a monstrance of Christ and God himself, which Mary helped to reveal. Praise should be given to this work, which through the figure of the Queen of Heaven and through the beauty of her representations at Chartres leads our hearts to her son and his Heavenly Father.”

Irène Jourd’heuil, Author and Curator of Historical Monuments
of the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs for Central France

“This is a book of homage, a luminous compendium to Mary, Our Lady of Chartres, as exemplified by the creators of her cathedral. Through over seventy-five images of Mary, which tell her story over some nine centuries of devotion, Jill Geoffrion leads us into a deep understanding of what Mary meant, beginning in the twelfth century, when the Virgin was known as both Divine Intercessor and Holy Empress, able to span the gap between Heaven and Earth, God and humanity. This rich commentary, with a marvelous array of photographs from the windows and the sculpture, inspires us to know God more deeply.”

John James, Architect, art historian and author of 
“The Contractors of Chartres, and In Search of the Unknown in Medieval Architecture

This book takes us on a fascinating and enlightening journey through the depictions of Mary in Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral. The author’s boundless affection and passion for Mary as an extraordinary mother, full of humanity and love, is contagious. Written in a clear and engaging style, she skillfully weaves valuable scholarly references to biblical texts and historical material with popular lore that span centuries of beliefs and rituals. The book will undoubtedly become a ‘must-be’ companion to those who set out to learn the story of Mary from the Chartres iconography. As I closed the book, I wanted to travel immediately to Chartres and immerse myself in all the representations of Mary so brilliantly described and intimately photographed in this beautiful volume. The story of Mary, so well retold here, will certainly be a source of inspiration, counsel and comfort for generations to come.”

Dominique Lallement, president of the American Friends of Chartres

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Jill Geoffrion, Foreword by Michel Pansard, Bishop of Chartres, France

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