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Joy Carol

Towers of Hope: Stories to Help Us Heal


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This is a time of anxiety and insecurity around the world. In these turbulent times we desperately want to “hear” stories that show us how to heal the scars and pain in our lives. Since ancient days, storytelling has been used as a powerful tool in the healing process. Moving accounts of how people have successfully faced tough challenges can help us put our own wounds in a more meaningful and hopeful context. Towers of Hope recounts stories about people who have suffered from tremendously difficult situations, such as mental and physical abuse, imprisonment, war, terrorism, life-threatening illness, and approaching death. Although unable to change the terrible things that happened to them, they responded to their problems by transforming what seemed like hopeless situations into healing experiences and personal triumphs. They found wholeness in their losses, traumas and disabilities. Their stories are tailor-made for these difficult times in which we live. They show us that there is good news in the midst of suffering, that people are resilient, that they have a desire to heal. They stand like strong saplings reaching for the sky with optimism and perseverance to recover the treasures of life. They are truly Towers of Hope.

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Joy Carol