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Sean Lynch, Brian O'Brien

Tough Choices: Bringing Moral Issues Home


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A unique resource for use in Catholic high schools and parish religious education or youth ministry programs, providing concrete ways for teenagers to learn about, apply, and make choices about a number of current and practical moral issues. Tough Choices: Bringing Moral Issues Home offers innovative ways for teens and their parents to share and discuss these dilemmas. Though applicable in several different courses and programs, the basic approach is for a teacher, catechist, or youth minister to assign a moral dilemma to be taken home, read, and discussed with their parents using the questions that accompany each. Among the issues covered in Tough Choices: Bringing Moral Issues Home are those in the areas of:

    • Abortion
    • Capital Punishment
    • Child Abuse/Domestic Violence
    • Divorce
    • Drugs/Alcohol
    • Eating Disorders
    • Euthanasia
    • Homosexuality
    • Honesty
    • Sexuality
    • Suicide

Each of the issues listed above are prefaced by a general overview of the issue, providing the teacher some needed background to help introduce discussion. Another section summarizes the Catholic Church teaching on each of these issues. Tough Choices: Bringing Moral Issues Home is a perfect complement to any high school theology course or youth ministry program. Moral dilemmas can be assigned based on their correlation to topics being covered in the curriculum, issues that arise in the school or among the teen’s peer group, current events, or in many other situations specific to the particular school or parish.

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Sean Lynch, Brian O'Brien