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The Story of Civilization Activity Book – VOLUME I – The Ancient World


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The Activity Book and companion Teacher’s Manual provide a complete review of everything read in The Story of Civilization: The Ancient World, along with creative activities to accompany each chapter, including:

• Reading comprehension questions
• Narration Exercises 
• Map Activities
• Coloring Pages
• Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches
• Craft Projects unique to each chapter
• Fun Snack Ideas and Recipes
• Science Projects that illustrate the lessons learned in the chapters

These books provide a complete and creative overview to the teacher and student alike, reaffirming the content found in The Story of Civilization.

*While the Teacher’s Manual contains answers and directions to the exercises found in the Activity Book, it also has its own additional activity suggestions for parents to do with their children. 

The Story of the Civilization series has seven products and uses the "schoolhouse model" so that kids of all ages can engage with the content. Which products the student uses depends on their age. For the Activity Book, the suggested age range is 6-10 years old. 

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