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Greg Miller

The Sea Sleeps: New and Selected Poems

French Flap

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“This poet takes other people’s lives as seriously as he takes his own, and so, under his patient, unwavering, sympathetic gaze, they come to life in the poems, in all their perplexity and distress, courage and dignity, fully realized in a fully realized landscape.”
—DavidFerry, winner of the 2012 National Book Award for poetry for Bewilderment

“In Greg Miller’s poems, the natural world sometimes seems to almost meld with human love, fear, and longing.”
—Clyde Edgerton

This collection drawsheavily from the core devotional strain in Miller’s poetry, offering what novelist Fenton Johnson described in his review of Iron Wheel as “the vision and experience of thatplace where dark merges seamlessly into light; the house and home of grace—unasked for and perhaps undeserved, but transformative all the same.”

Framed by meditations on the beginnings and possible post-human ends of culture, the new poems reflect on the callings and limits of art in responding to desire, history, mortality, and injustice. Set in the American South, Wales, France, the Czech Republic, and Sudan, the poems address and invoke the divine.

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Greg Miller

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