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Greg Willits; read by the author

The New Evangelization and You: Be Not Afraid

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If you’re like many Catholics today, you love the Church and you long for others to know the peace and joy you’ve experienced. But how can you communicate it? Greg Willits is passionate about helping you share your faith. He’s explored all kinds of ways to reach out—from radio and TV to various forms of social media—and he’s learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. The New Evangelization and You encourages Catholics everywhere to first know their faith, and then to live it and share it authentically with others.

Many Catholics have heard the words “New Evangelization” but don’t know what they mean or how they might apply in their lives. The New Evangelization and You clearly explains what the New Evangelization is and how it applies to every Catholic, and examines realistic ways to make the New Evangelization a part of each Catholic’s daily living.

While explaining the goals, history, concepts, and action items of the New Evangelization, the book spotlights other Catholics already making a difference by the ways they share their faith and inspire readers to embrace this call in their own lives.

This book is meant to light a fire under every Catholic and to inspire an active response of faith. Experience the joy of knowing faith, living faith, and sharing faith.

Greg Willits is the former president and COO of SQPN. He created and organized the first Catholic New Media Conference, which brings together bloggers, podcasters, and others working in new media from around the world. Greg has restructured his Rosary Army apostolate into a new organization called New Evangelizers, with the goal of helping Catholics become more active in evangelization. Greg lives with his wife, Jennifer, four sons and one daughter in Georgia.

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Greg Willits; read by the author



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