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Joseph A. Jungmann, S.J.

The Mass of the Roman Rite (2-Volume Set): Its Origins and Development


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First published in English in 1951 and one of the greatest achievements of twentieth-century theology, Joseph Jungmann’s towering work is a comprehensive study of the origins, evolution, and theology of the Mass from its earliest forms to the dawn of Vatican II. It is now revised with a chapter unavailable in the previous English-language edition.

The fruit of over a decade of painstaking research, The Mass of the Roman Rite: Its Origins and Development (Paperback) is a magisterial treatment of every part of the Mass: its form, its history, and its theology. Originally written in German, the work was revised several times by Jungmann, and this new edition includes an important revised chapter on the comingling of the eucharistic species unavailable in the previous two-volume set. The Mass of the Roman Rite was hugely influential on the reformers of the Second Vatican Council and is essential reading for anyone wishing to deeply understand Roman Catholic worship. As the Church continues to reflect on the Mass and reform its rites and rituals, Jungmann’s work is sure to find a new audience of dedicated readers.

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Joseph A. Jungmann, S.J.