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Fr. Paul Farren

The Light of Forgiveness: The Sacrament of Reconciliation for Teens


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This book is for anyone who is hesitant about Confession.”Our understanding of the sacrament reveals our image of God. If our image of God is one of an uncompromising judge, then the sacrament can fill us with dread,” Father Paulbegins. Instead of coming to Confession to avoid judgment and hellfire, Farren paints a picture of the sacrament that has a loving God behind it who longs for a restored relationship with his children. There are two who confess: God and the penitent. In fact, God is the primary confessor when he confesses his forgiveness for and trust in the one who is celebrating the sacrament. Confession is about God’s great love for us!

Praise for Fr. Paul: “Father Paul’s new book is a beautiful invitation into thesacrament of reconciliation, perhaps the most misunderstood sacrament in the church. With his clear, helpful and accessible writing, Freedom and Forgiveness reminds the reader that the sacrament is about not how bad you are, but about how good God is.” —James Martin, SJ, author ofJesus: A Pilgrimage

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