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Mary Eberstadt

The Last Homily: Conversations with Fr. Arne Panula


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The Last Homily captures with poignant authenticity the dying thoughts of a brilliant priest who dedicated his life to bringing others to God: Fr. Arne Panula, of Washington DC’s fabled Catholic Information Center.

Recorded with Fr. Arne’s permission during his months in hospice care, his exchanges with noted author Mary Eberstadt expound on the Church and history, art and music, books and ideas, as well as on more immediate questions about how the faithful should live, how they should work, and how they can best help to build the Kingdom on earth.

Via this gift to posterity, Fr. Arne’s spiritual guidance is no longer limited to those who knew him, but extends to generations of the present and future.


About the author:

Mary Eberstadt is a Senior Research Fellow at the Faith and Reason Institute in Washington, DC. Her previous books include How the West Really Lost GodAdam and Eve after the Pill, and the novel The Loser Letters.



“Fr. Arne Panula lived a life of extraordinary service to Christ and the Church, particularly in his last months which were marked by such charity, even while he suffered physically. Mary Eberstadt has captured that beautifully through her conversations with him. . . . I hope [this book] will be a means of grace for people who did not know Fr. Arne personally and a fond reminder of his spiritual legacy for those of us who did.”  —Leonard A. Leo


The Last Homily is a wonderful testimony to the truth of Christianity and the concrete reality of God’s grace.” —Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP,  Director of the Thomistic Institute, Angelicum, Rome


“Cicero maintained that we do philosophy to learn how to die. Fr. Arne’s lesson is that ‘to die well is to teach others how to live.’ Thanks to Mary Eberstadt we can all learn Fr. Arne’s final lesson.”  —John Garvey, President of The Catholic University of America

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