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Scot Mcknight

The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others – 10th Anniversary Edition


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In its 10th year of publication, with more than 50,000 copies sold, The Jesus Creed teaches you how to live out Jesus’ command to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself. Scot McKnight’s bestselling book is a powerful testament of essential Christian formation. This new edition of the contemporary classic is slightly condensed, with a new foreword by the author.

When an expert in the law asked Jesusfor the greatest commandment, Jesus responded with the Shema, the ancient Jewish creed that commands Israel tolove God with heart, soul, mind, and strength. But the next part of Jesus’ answer would change the course of history. Jesus amended the Shema, giving his followers a new creed for life, the Jesus Creed: loving God with heart, soul,mind, and strength, but also loving others asthemselves.

In The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others, biblical scholar and popular teacherScot McKnight presents a 30-chapter guide to spiritual formation, rich in theological insight and alive with practical applications.

“Make sure this new guidefor living is on your shelf.” — Max Lucado

“Scot McKnight brings us into conversation with Jesus in the places and conditions in which we live our ordinary lives.” —Eugene Peterson

“[Scot McKnight] has been a kind of secret weapon for my own education and growth. Now he can be yours as well. This book will bring Jesus’ world andyours much closer together.” —John Ortberg

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