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Paul Donoghue

The Jesus Advantage: A New Approach to a Fuller Life


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What if those searching adults who turn for guidance to psychologists, gurus, new age prophets, and more unfamiliar eastern religions, would turn for guidance to someone more familiar to their own experience and faith tradition? In The Jesus Advantage, Paul Donoghue suggests that, in the midst of the “self-help” publishing explosion, people with Christian roots take a new look at Jesus Christ as a model of wholeness. He points out how Jesus too often is seen as only meek, mild, and forgiving or has been appropriated by political groups to bash those who are different or who hold different views and he carefully helps the reader to recast Jesus as who he really is: an attractive model of spiritual and emotional maturity. Jesus was a strong person who was not timid about pointing out the faults of others nor unwilling to speak his mind. Jesus was never afraid to go against the tide, especially if it meant embracing those considered to be on the fringe of society: the poor, the sick, and the sinner. Donoghue shares a wide spectrum of human emotion and experience. A psychologist and priest, he has collected a vast wealth of real-life experience that he passes on while unearthing a Jesus who speaks to our age, a fully human—whole and holy—person.

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Paul Donoghue