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Dr. Alan Schreck

The Gift: Discovering the Holy Spirit in Catholic Tradition


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Find out how the Holy Spirit surrounds, upholds, andinspires the Church. This lively examination of God’s activity in the world and in us looks carefully at the holy scriptures, Church teaching, and tradition to answer basic but essential questions: Who is the Holy Spirit? What role does the Spirit play in the life of the Church? How is the Spirit at work in the lives of ordinary Christians? Beginning with the belief in the Holy Spirit as a Person and not just a “force,” The Gift reveals the Catholic understanding of the presence and influence of the Spirit of God in every aspect of the Christian life. Alan Schreck focuses on the unique aspects and development of Catholic devotion to the Holy Spirit from antiquity to the present, culminating in a look at Catholic theology of the Holy Spirit today and the new and exciting ways the Spirit is working among Catholics and all Christians in the twenty-first century. “In order to have a newevangelization we need to have a new Pentecost. In order to have a new Pentecost we need to understand more fully the importance and modality of the Spirit’s work, and desire his action in our lives. Dr. Schreck, writing from longexperience, prayer and reflection, provides an easily accessible and comprehensive introduction to the importance of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Catholics today. Important!”

-Ralph Martin, S.T.D., author of Will Many be Saved? , and Consultor for thePontifical Council for the New Evangelization

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Dr. Alan Schreck

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