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Translated and Edited by Robert J. Edmonson, CJ

The Complete Therese of Lisieux


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A complete and engaging one-volume introduction to the saint known as the “Little Flower”.

Following a thorough introduction to the saint’s life, The Complete Therese presents her classic, The Story of a Soul, in complete and unabridged form. Then, unique to this edition is a portion of the original edition rarely seen, describing the saint’s final days as seen through the eyes of the Sisters of the Lisieux Carmel; plus a poignant collection of over seventy firsthand anecdotes about Therese recounted by the Sisters following her death.

Also included a comprehensive selection of prayers, letters, and poems written by Therese, and in both French and English, the poem that inspired her to call herself the “Little Flower.” Further appendices give important dates for her life, taking the reader up to 1997, one hundredyears after her death, when Pope John Paul II declared her to be a Doctor of the Church. Beautiful engravings and photographs throughout the book give the reader a view of the Little Flower’s childhood home and family, hergrowing-up years, life at Carmel, her death, and the original gravesite.

Millions of hearts have beentouched by St. Therese of Lisieux’s desire, not to be mighty and great, but to be a humble, little flower that would gladden God’s eyes as he glances down at his feet. Now, yours will be, too.

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    Translated and Edited by Robert J. Edmonson, CJ

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