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Edward M. Hays, Edward M. Hays

Sundancer: A Mystical Fantasy


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At one time all legends were young. Like Joseph Campbell, the acclaimed writer and scholar of mythology, Edward Hays believes that we are the ancestors of an age to come, the generators of the myths and legends that will inspire those of a future age. This original fable lifts the veil on life’s most ancient riddle, touching at the heart of all the great religious traditions as it speaks of life, death, resurrection and freedom. This is a book that is brief in size but broad in its spiritual insight and in personal implications for the earnest reader. Those who have read Sundancer testify that they never see dandelions without recalling this powerful parable. Because it powerfully takes us to the heart of Lent and Holy Week, it is an excellent gift for Easter. This passion parable is also an appropriate reflection piece for the terminally ill. This is a handsome art book with 24 full-color original paintings on heavy enamel paper. It has been made into both a play and an opera and performed on stage.

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Edward M. Hays, Edward M. Hays





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