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Cardinal Henry Edward Manning

Sin and Its Consequences


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The nature of sin and its consequences. How venial sin leads to mortal, and sins of omission to sins of commission, why sin is worse than disease, etc. Consoling emphasis on how grace and penance bring pardon and healing. Written by Cardinal Manning, the Archbishop of Westminster.

Henry Edward Manning, cardinal archbishop of Westminster, was born at Hertfordshire, England in 1808. During his early years he befriended Charles and Christopher Wordsworth and attended Harrow School under Doctor Charles Butler. Originally an Anglican deacon, Henry Manning realized the man-made status of the Anglican Church when the Privy Council denied the objective effect of the sacraments. Just two months after being received into Catholicism, he became a priest in 1851 and quickly rose in influence, instituted as an archbishop in 1865. He was a very strong supporter of papal infallibility and went on to promote a modern Catholic view of social justice. He is the author of Sin and Its Consequences and The Fourfold Sovereignty of God. Cardinal Manning died in 1892.

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Cardinal Henry Edward Manning