Self-Delusion and True Contrition
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Self-Delusion and True Contrition

Fr. Alfred Wilson

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The hardest thing for Catholics? Going to confession certainly ranks up there. This small book by Father Alfred Wilson, C.P., one of the foremost confessors and writers of the mid-20th century, is a wonderful, unscary handbook, not only for cradle Catholics, but also for those studying the Faith or for those interested in it.

  • The importance of Confession – why Catholics do not just confess “directly to God”
  • The practical value of confession
  • The difference between “regular” and “general” confessions
  • How to examine your conscience better
  • Danger: scrupulosity. Its causes and solutions
  • The problem of always being on “the safe side”
  • What to do about doubtful sins
  • False assumptions about confession
  • “Spiritual hypochondria” – what to do about it
  • Confessing the same sins over and over – what is required for a firm purpose of amendment?

-Soft cover booklet

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Fr. Alfred Wilson