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Dr. Renu Rita Silvano

Seeking Jesus in the Old Testament

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The plan revealed

You know the names and the events of the Old Testament, but do you recognize the clues of Jesus’ story woven throughout? Discover the Old Testament fully revealed and embrace God’s plan!

It was there all along … the story of the New Testament hidden within the Old Testament.

Dr. Renu Rita Silvano leads you on a prayerful and contemplative journey through the Old Testament as if you have never read it before.

Discover the clues that foretold the life and death of Jesus. Learn how the familiar readings of the Old Testament and the Gospels are intimately intertwined. Grow in reverence as the relevance of Scripture becomes clear.

Seeking Jesus in the Old Testament is a work of love and devotion. Dr. Silvano has carefully gathered the threads that run through the Old Testament and the New Testament to weave a rich and unified tapestry of the Word of God.

Join Dr. Silvano in contemplating the beauty of Scripture, inspired by the Holy Spirit and made real by our Savior. As you come to know the Old Testament, you will come face-to-face with Jesus.

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