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Karl Frielingsdorf, S.J.

Seek the Face of God: Discovering the Power of Your Images of God


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Our individual images of God are the most basic building blocks of our spirituality, ultimately determining whether our personal spirituality is life enhancing or diminishing. And while we may outwardly speak of a kind and loving God, we may believe, deep down, that God is angry and demanding. Psychologist and theologian, Karl Frielingsdorf, S.J., shows us that our images of God, both conscious and unconscious, are often rooted in our earliest childhood experiences. He invites us to explore how those experiences have shaped our perceptions of God and encourages us to develop God images that are nurturing and healing. Drawing upon Ignatian tradition and established principles of human psychology, Seek the Face of God is a welcome guide to a deeper encounter with the God of life and love.

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Karl Frielingsdorf, S.J.





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