Scriptural References for the Baltimore Catechism

Rev G.H. Guyot

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The Biblical Basis for Catholic Beliefs

Now you can quickly locate hundreds of Scripture verses supporting the entire edifice of Catholic belief.

Where in the Bible do you find the basis of Catholic teachings—including those commonly denied by “Bible Christians”? In this 50-year-old classic by Fr. G. H. Guyot, then-Professor of Sacred Scripture at St. Louis’ Kenrick Seminary.

Organized in point-by-point correspondence with the Baltimore Catechism, this remarkable book omits no important Catholic teaching:

  • The authority and attributes of the Church; its infallibility and indefectibility
  • The special powers of the papacy, episcopacy and priesthood
  • Sin, actual and Original. Grace, actual and sanctifying. The role of free will
  • The Communion of Saints. Angels and devils. Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture
  • The indissolubility of marriage; the duties of parents
  • The Mass and the Holy Eucharist, Confession, Confirmation. Holy Orders, Extreme Unction
  • Purgatory, intercessory prayer, and indulgences
  • The Holy Trinity; the Blessed Virgin
  • Relics, images, statues and sacramentals

The book’s simple plan: each of the hundreds of answers in the Baltimore Catechism is accompanied, typically, by 2-4 Scriptural citations. And each citation is itself accompanied by a brief commentary on its relevance to the teaching in question.

A detailed table of contents and extensive index speed you to the subjects most on your mind.

A special section on “Why I Am a Catholic” presents the classic arguments for the Faith, together with their Scriptural underpinnings.

Ideal for browsing, quick reference or organized study, Scriptural References for the Baltimore Catechism is a handy resource for answering your own or your children’s questions—or for defending the Faith against its challengers.

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Rev G.H. Guyot