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Kathleen Finley

Savoring God: Praying with All Our Senses


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A unique and imaginative way to pray! Welcome to a different way of praying. Usually when we pray we try to shut out the outside world and focus on the interior, the spiritual, in order to be able to be with God. This book invites us instead to be with God through the very tangible, specific objects of our everyday life. We’re invited to take another look, as well as another listen, taste, touch, and smell, at what is right before us and to see God there. A rock, a shoe, a pen—all offer an opportunity for entering into prayer and experiencing God’s presence. Author Kathleen Finley leads us through a variety of five-part prayer exercises to help use objects in nature as well as personal and everyday objects as touchstones for prayer. Each exercise includes five parts: an opening prayer, a guided meditation on a specific object, a number of related scripture passages, a reflection on the significance of the object in our lives, and a closing section on how to put our prayer into action. Savoring God offers a unique and imaginative way to pray, allowing us to truly taste and see God’s presence all around us.

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