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Jay Stoeckl

Saint Nicholas and the Mouse of Myra


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This graphic novel illustrates the life of St. Nicholas from his beginnings as a young priest in Asia Minor in the late 3rd Century until just before his death in the mid 4th Century. As with St. Francis and Brother Duck this story needed a “set up character” for which the wisdom and early Christian teachings as shown in Nicholas’ life can be revealed through dialogue. This secondary protagonist is a Greek-attired mouse named Cicero who is dressed to look like a little philosopher. His personality follows this image as well as his name as this philosophical critter questions much of Nicholas’ Christian acts until the mouse’s conversion late in the story. Unlike the childlike personality of Br. Duck, the non-Christian Cicero will have an educated intelligence and wit that will act in playful fashion when placed against Nicholas’ gifted wisdom.

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Jay Stoeckl

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