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Eva K. Betz

Saint Martin de Porres and the Mice


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This lovingly written story of St. Martin de Porres has been delighting children for decades. Now you can bring the story of this great saint to a new generation.Saint Martin de Porres and the Mice vividly recounts St. Martin’s life of service to God, the sick, children and even mice! St. Martin lived his life for others, and always had a special place in his heart for the poor, sick, and downtrodden. As a lay bother he served the sick in the Dominican infirmary, ministered to slaves, and helped feed the poor.

St. Martin also had a remarkable way with animals. He showed great care for even the smallest of God’s creatures and was able to communicate with them. He was able to resolve problems between mice and the monks at the monastery and farmers in the fields.

One in the series of Easy Reading Books of Saints and Heavenly Beasts, Saint Martin de Porres and the Mice is written for the growing reader. Filled with beautiful vintage illustrations, it is no wonder that Saint Martin de Porres and the Mice has been beloved by children of all ages for generations.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Saints and Heavenly Beasts series for more delightful and timeless stories.

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Eva K. Betz