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Rachel Hackenberg

Sacred Pause: A Creative Retreat for the Word-weary Christian


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Our lives are full of words. We rarely pause to attend tothem, much less take time for personal retreat. This book encourages you to stop and revel in the sights, sounds, and meanings of what we say about God. Rachel Hackenberg offers the word-weary, the word-lover, and the spiritually hungry to explore the words of faith anew and thereby meet TheWord afresh.

Through twelve deceptively light-hearted chapters on letters and definitions, grammar and poetry, this book sparks spiritual inspiration even as it provides practical exercises for an enlivening personal retreat experience!

Rachel G. Hackenberg is an ordained UnitedChurch of Christ minister and author of Writing to God andWriting to God: Kids’ Edition. She facilitates workshops on prayer & worship, clergy renewal, and congregational vitality. She blogs at

“Rachel Hackenberg invites us to reconsider and re-engage with the words we typically use to describe, rather than to fully express, our faith. Sacred Pause is abook to savor. It’s as much a devotional as it is a guide for a creative retreat that will change the way you’ll encounter Scripture and live the Gospel.”
—Meredith Gould, PHD, author of Service as a Spiritual Practice

“This book will awaken you to a sensational faith, encompassing all your senses and enabling you to experience the holiness of God in the quotidian adventures of life. An antidote to spiritual stagnation, this text will get you out of your chair and onto your feet, dancing with God, singing with the Spirit, and jumping for joy with Jesus.”
—Bruce Epperly, author of Holy Adventure

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