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Ronald Rolheiser; read by Al Hirt, O.F.M.

Sacred Fire: A Vision for Deeper Christian and Human Maturity

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Beloved author Ronald Rolheiser continues his search for an accessible and penetrating Christian spirituality in this highly anticipated follow-up to the contemporary classic, The Holy Longing. With his trademark acuity, wit, and thoughtfulness, Rolheiser shows how identifying and embracing discipleship will lead to new heights of spiritual awareness and maturity. He takes us on a journey through the dark night of the senses and of the spirit. Here, we experience the full gamut of human life, pleasure and fervor, disillusionment and boredom. But, as Rolheiser explains, when we embrace the struggle and yearning to know God, we can experience too a profound re-understanding of our daily lives.

“What lies beyond the essentials, the basics?” Rolheiser writes. “Where do we go once some of the basic questions in our lives have been answered, or at least brought to enough peace that our focus can shift away from ourselves to others? Where do we go once the basic questions in our lives are no longer the restless questions of youthful insecurity and loneliness? Who am I? Who loves me? How will my life turn out? Where do we go once the basic question in life becomes: How can I give my life away more purely, and more meaningfully? How do I live beyond my own heartaches, headaches, and obsessions so as to help make other peoples’ lives more meaningful?”

As the poet Rainer Maria Rilke suggests, “Live the questions now.” In Sacred Fire, Rolheiser’s deeply affecting prose urges us on in pursuit of the most holy of all passions —a deep and lasting intimacy with God.

Ronald Rolheiser is the president of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas, and a specialist in the fields of spirituality and systematic theology. His regular column in the Catholic Herald is featured in newspapers in five different countries. He is the author of The Holy Longing: The Search for a Christian Spirituality, Forgotten Among the Lilies: Learning to Love Beyond Our Fears, and Prayer: Our Deepest Longing, and is a popular international speaker and workshop presenter.

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Ronald Rolheiser; read by Al Hirt, O.F.M.




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