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Fr. José Guadalupe Trevino

Rules for the Spiritual Life


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No less than biological life, spiritual life has its iron laws, ordained by God. Fr. José Guadalupe Trevino unfolds those laws and shows how to employ them to make spiritual progress.

Fr. Trevino devotes a full chapter to each of the 18 basic rules, and details their corollaries. Some of what you’ll learn:

  • Aquinas on the “chief duty of beginners” in spiritual life
  • The single greatest obstacle on everyone’s road to perfection. But surmountable for those who know how
  • Common misconceptions about holiness, some dangerous. The proper Catholic understanding
  • Spiritual setbacks: how they can actually be the basis for even greater progress
  • Do you pray enough? Ways to make sure you do, every day. Some barriers to prayer; how to get past them
  • 4 kinds of adversity in prayer, and how they can be turned to spiritual profit
  • Why mortification is indispensable. Right (and wrong) ways to practice it
  • The degrees of charity — each a step in the steep climb to sanctity
  • 3 signs a soul is lukewarm — and some remedies. What resembles lukewarmness, but isn’t
  • Losing one’s “first fervor”: a great danger for those trying to become holy. How to overcome it
  • 4 steps in rooting out venial sin — a must before spiritual progress can proceed. How to find the “dominant fault” that causes that affection
  • The sometimes overlooked “small beginnings” which can get you started on the road to perfection. How some great saints got started
  • What are the authentic signs of spiritual progress — or of going backward? Some that can be easily misread

“A practical handbook of simply-stated directives…. The 18 Rules are brief, clear, definitive and practical.” —Catholic World

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Fr. José Guadalupe Trevino