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John Kirvan

Raw Faith: Nurturing the Believer in All of Us


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Most spirituality is about the voice of God. John Kirvan writes about God’s silence. Most spirituality is about the presence of God. John Kirvan writes about God’s absence. In Raw Faith, a companion volume to his God Hunger, he explores a centuries old spiritual tradition—it is called apophatic—that is centered in the pursuit of an unknown and unknowable god. It stretches from the world of Gregory of Nyssa in the 4th century, through The Cloud of Unknowing in the 14th to Simone Weil and Henri Nouwen in the 20th. Kirvan’s is a highly personal journey that he—and the reader—take in the “good company” of the great “apophatic” mystics: Christian, Jewish and Islamic. In fifty theme-centered meditations and prayers readers are given an opportunity to understand better and more deeply their own journey by reflecting on the faith experiences and insights of those who have traveled this way before.

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John Kirvan