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Father Daniel Homan, OSB and Lonni Collins Pratt

Radical Hospitality: Benedict’s Way of Love, 2nd Edition


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Begin to live this radical vision for a kinder world . . .

There is no need to be afraid as we walk through life—afraid of the unknown, the unexpected, even other people. Deep within the heart of Christian spirituality lies a remedy to fear, anger, and suspicion: hospitality.

Sharing monastic wisdom as well as stories from her own life, Pratt encourages us to embrace the true meaning of love for the other, by welcoming the stranger—into both our homes and hearts. This newedition of a contemporary classic has been updatedthoroughly, including two new chapters, a new introduction, and more ancient and contemporary monastic insight.

Praise for the first edition:

“A quietly dazzling book, overflowing with small stories, teaching by illustration how to attempt to live the Benedictine Rule.”
–John McQuiston, II, author of Always We Begin Again: The Benedictine Way of Living

“A bountiful feast. The way of Benedict is food for the soul. I hope you savor it as I did.”
–Philip Gulley, bestselling author of the Harmony series.

Lonni Collins Pratt and Fr. Daniel Homan, OSB, also collaborated on the bestselling Benedict’s Way: An Ancient Monk’s Insights for a Balance Life. Lonni Collins Pratt, an award-winning journalist and author, lives with her family in Michigan and leads retreats and workshops throughout the country on the principles of Radical Hospitalityƈ. Fr. Homan was a Benedictine monk for 40 years.

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Father Daniel Homan, OSB and Lonni Collins Pratt

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