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Pray for Others in Color


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How often do we say “I’ll pray for you” and forget to offer a prayer? Or rattle off aname in prayer without feeling much if any connection to it. This new coloring book for adults offers a creative way to pray for our loved ones—friends and family—and sometimes maybe even someone we’d rather not pray for.By combining intercessory prayer with coloring, we can enter into a sacred spaceand spend time there focusing on each person.

This coloring book was created with the bestselling author of Praying in Color, Sybil MacBeth. Sybil discovered her method of praying through doodling during a time of intercessory prayer for a friend with cancer. Feeling she had no words to express her feelings in prayer, she began to doodle; after some time, she realized she had created a visual prayer for her friend. Sybil’s Prayingin Color method is combined with coloring pages, so no matter whether you think you can draw or not: you can pray visually by filling in the lovely coloring pages included here.

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