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Tom Ulrich

Parish Social Ministry: Strategies for Success


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Meeting the social needs of their communities—the elderly, teen moms, poor schools, blighted neighborhoods—is essential to the life of the parish. Whether looking to build upon, or simply start, a concerted social ministry outreach, this guidebook poses all the questions (and provides direction and answers) to help your parish move forward.

Questions Posed and Answered:

    • What does a fully functioning parish social ministry effort look like? What is its vision?
    • What does a parish social ministry effort attempt to accomplish? How does it attempt to accomplish it?
    • What is the foundation of parish social ministry?
    • What are the characteristics of direct service and social action ministry?
    • What are the scriptural foundations for parish social ministry?
    • What are the key elements of successful parish social ministry?
    • How does one assess to what extent parish social ministry is being fully developed in the parish?
    • What exactly is a parish social ministry leader? How do we identify potential leaders?
    • How is a team of leaders organized to be the conduit for parish social ministry efforts?
    • How do you effectively recruit parishioners to lead social ministry work?
    • Is it important for social ministry to be integrated into the life of the parish? How is that accomplished?
    • How can diocesan offices and parishes create a partnership to do parish social ministry?
    • What are the main considerations and skills for being a successful meeting facilitator?

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