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Richard Gribble, C.S.C.

No One But You: Living Your Call in An Ever-Changing World


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Being called to be a Christian in whatever life circumstances we find ourselves is the message of No One But You. It’s a book about the vocation of the everyday Christian. Fr. Gribble brings together a wide variety of people whose stories of courage and integrity challenge us to live extraordinary lives. Jim Thorpe, Albert Einstein, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Anne Mansfield Sullivan are among the people whose stories will inspire us and serve as examples in finding our place, the place that makes us most human, most productive, and most connected to what we were created to be. Some stories will surprise you, some will reassure you but all will cause you to look at your life in a new way. No One But You is divided into six sections: God is Always Calling Us, We Are Called to Holiness, We Are Called to be Disciples, We Are Called to Love, We Are Called to Serve, and Living Our Call in An Ever-Changing World; each section has an introduction, chapters covering that particular theme, and a story illustrating the theme. Chapters end with a reflection question, scripture verse and a prayer. The vocation to the Christian life is challenging, exciting, and daring. There is no time like right now, and there is no one like you. Be bold. Live your call!

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Richard Gribble, C.S.C.