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Jane Greer

Love Like a Conflagration


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Love like a Conflagration gives us the modern world in the crucible of an acutely moral and metaphysical vision. Personal without forsaking wit and plainspoken without forsaking elegance, these poems embody the tension between the desires of this world and the desire for the divine … Listen, and listen again.—Ryan Wilson, editor, Literary Matters

Brilliant … Like the exquisite swoop of a rough-legged hawk, her poems are a severe mercy, counseling against despair and breaking the monotony of sin by the fiercest fire of divine charity.—C.C. Pecknold, chairman, Academy of Catholic Theology

Masterful … witty and exquisitely crafted.—A.M. Juster, poetry editor, First Things

Jane Greer founded and edited Plains Poetry Journal (1981-1993), a literary magazine that was an advance guard of the New Formalism movement. She is the author of Bathsheba on the Third Day (The Cummington Press), and her poems have been anthologized and widely published. She lives in North Dakota.

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Jane Greer