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Fr. John-Julian, OJN

Letters to Jacob: Mostly About Prayer


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“What is all this contemplative prayer people are talking about these days? Inever heard anything about that back in my parish. Is this really part of the Christian tradition or some New Age import from Buddhism or some other -ism?” The question came from a young man in college seriously considering a priestly vocation. The answer was a series of letters of spiritual direction that dealt — often radically — with Christian prayer both in general and then more intensively in its contemplative dimension. Those letters have been edited,re-written, expanded, and polished into Letters to Jacob: Mostly AboutContemplative Prayer (with a nod to C.S. Lewis) — a rare look at the contemplative life from the inside!

“At last! A discussion of prayer – by an expert – that corrects errors, some of which are 500 or more years old. It does it gently, meaningfully, and above all, usefully. And all of this is done in the wondrous prose of Fr. John-Julian, OJN, steeped as he is in the great English Mystics.”
— Rev. E. Perren Hayes, retired priest, Biblicalscholar

“John-Julian has spent a lifetime advising souls, and writes about prayer in a way that may be surprising – even unsettling – at first….This little book is perfect for those who don’t understand why educatedpeople of the 21st century continue to pray, and is a deep well of wisdom for those that do.”
— Royce D. Miller, Oblate of the Order of Julian of Norwich

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Fr. John-Julian, OJN

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