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Abbot Giuseppe Ricciotti

Julian the Apostate – 361-363


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Flavius Claudius Julianus (331-363); known to history as "Julian the Apostate;" is one of the most interesting Roman Emperors (361- 363); and his life is one of the most fascinating in all of ancient history. (There is more accurate historical information about him than about any other Emperor.) Impr. 295 pgs; PB

Abbot Giuseppe Ricciotti was born at Rome in 1890. In 1906 he entered the Congregation of Canons Regular of the Lateran, and was ordained a priest seven years after. He was a noted biblical scholar and orientalist, teaching Hebrew and comparative Semitics for two years in Genoa. He also taught Church history at the University of Bari for ten years. Abbot Ricciotti s works include The Life of Christ, Paul the Apostle, The Acts of the Apostles, The Age of Martyrs, and Julian the Apostate. His books remain unique and noteworthy for their accurate information and clear, attractive style. He died in 1964.

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Abbot Giuseppe Ricciotti