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Friar Jack Wintz, O.F.M.; Read by Friar Jim Van Vurst

I Will See You in Heaven

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The question, “Will I see my dog (my cat, my rabbit, my gerbil, my parrot, my turtle) in heaven?” is one that is very close to our hearts. It is important. The question of the future of our beloved pets holds deep emotional importance for us—and it should.—Friar Jack

With heart-warming reassurance, Friar Jack reminds us that God’s goodness is reflected in the whole family of creation. We can be confident that our beloved animal companions will be waiting for us at the pearly gates with wagging tails, soft purrs, and enthusiastic welcomes.

JACK WINTZ, O.F.M., is editor emeritus of St. Anthony Messenger magazine and the author of Will I See My Dog in Heaven? and Friar Jack’s E-spirations. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Friar Jack Wintz, O.F.M.; Read by Friar Jim Van Vurst



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