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Van Zeller, Dom Hubert

How to Find God: …And Discover Your True Self in the Process


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These pages give you practical help to look honestly at yourself – and by doing so, to attain the deepest desire of every sincere Christian: union with God Himself.

No longer will you be diverted from the search for God . . . or live in fear of losing your soul. Rather, with the help of the monk Hubert van Zeller, you’ll learn how to spot – and avoid – dangerous spiritual distractions. You’ll find out how to keep your feet on the path that leads to holy wisdom: true knowledge of yourself . . . and of God.

From van Zeller, you’ll discover how to grow into the person Christ means you to be – no matter how far you still have to go. Your new knowledge will draw you closer to God and charge your life with a transforming spiritual vigor.

How to Find God is a spiritual banquet for every Christian who wants to attain true self-knowledge and to be united with Him who is the fount of all joy.

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