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Healing the Wounds of Divorce: A Spiritual Guide to Recovery

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After 30 years of marriage, Barbara Leahy Shlemon’s (now Ryan) divorce was a jolting experience, a tragedy that plunged her into psychological and spiritual isolation. “To feel cut-off, dis-owned or condemned by the Father adds a heavy burden to a heart already weighed down with sadness,” she writes. “Only now can I see it as the beginning of an enriching journey of self-discovery.” She relates how she felt abandoned even by God and how in the midst of the chaos of her life, the Good Shepherd sought her out and bandaged her wounds. The author shares her healing process and offers seventeen short chapters dealing not only with such issues as children, finances, and relatives, but also with spiritual concerns such as fear, guilt, and forgiveness. Each concludes with a prayer that enables readers to place their experience with all its pain and incompletion, before the Lord. All those who have experienced the pain of divorce, regardless of their age or sex, will find in Barbara Shlemon Ryan a sensitive and wise companion.

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