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Mike Aquilina

Faith of Our Fathers (Audiobook CD)

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Getting to know the Church Fathers means getting to know our own roots. It means knowing more deeply who we are as we learn more and more about who they are. The early Christians are our ancestors, our common genealogy, our family.

When we look to our roots, what do we see? In Faith of Our Fathers: While the Early Christians Still Matter and Always Will, author Mike Aquilina reveals the amazing achievements of the Fathers. They converted the pagan world in a mere two and a half centuries. They did it without any resources, without any social or political power. They did it with the most primitive communications media. Yet their Church sustained a steady growth rate of forty percent per decade over the course of those centuries. Maybe there’s something we can learn from them. This book is a journey into that world, a tour where your guides are the Fathers.

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Audio CD