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Hal M. Helms

Echoes of Eternity: A Contemplative Journal for Every Day


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Our oldest Christian traditions invite us to listen as well as speak when we pray, yet often the Voice seems barelyaudible. With over 50,000 copies sold since its original release in 1996, Echoes of Eternity has helped many who desire to quiet their hearts and listen. This new contemplative journal presents 365 brief meditations gathered from one pastor’s faithful daily practice of listening to God, with space added for your own reflections.

Each reading includes a Scripture verse and encouraging words that speak of Christ as our anchor, the treasure of God’s love, and His lasting peace. Echoes of Eternity facilitates a quiet moment alone with God at any time or place.

“Sacred Pauses—short, simple, sacred breaks—are essential for today’s Christians, who inhabit an age of dizzying distractions, with hand-held devices pressed to our palms. Tried and tested for two decades, this editio of Echoes of Eternity has brief reflections for every day of the year. Whether you use it for thirty seconds or thirty minutes, you’ll discover, as you pause each day, an opportunity to focus, to listen, to breath. You may even discover the voice of God.”
Jack Levison, W. J. A. Power Chair of Old Testament Interpretation and Biblical Hebrew, PerkinsSchool of Theology, Southern Methodist University, and author of Fresh Air

“This journal, laced with Helms’s beautiful words, is a generous invitation to slow down and reflect on the timeless and redemptive love of God in the midst of our busy modern lives.”
Jerusalem Jackson Greer, author of A Homemade Year

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