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Daily Roman Missal w/ Devotions and Prayers, 7th Ed., Large Print, Hardcover


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First published over 20 years ago, the Daily Roman Missal is an essential resource for anyone who wants to grow closer to the Eucharist.  The DRM is a complete source for following the Mass, studying it more closely, and reflecting on its profound beauty and grace.

This new Large Print Edition includes the responses and liturgical texts from the new English translation of the Third Edition of the Order of Mass; all prayers, antiphons, and other texts for the seasons of the liturgical year; the Proper and Commons of Saints; Masses for the Dead; and many Ritual, Votive, and other Masses. It includes all readings (New American Bible with Revised New Testament) from Sunday and weekday Masses, the Proper and Commons of Saints; and many from the Ritual, Votive, Various Needs, and Masses for the Dead.  In addition, over 200 pages of devotions and prayers complete this dignified, one-volume missal.

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