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Rose Sweet

Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide – Helping You Find Peace, Power, and Passion After Your Divorce


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Your Personal DIVORCE SURVIVAL Guide
This book is just for YOU!

We know that you may be too tired, depressed, or angry to use a formal "workbook". After all, who wants to work after suffering a divorce? So we've kept this Personal Guide SIMPLE and EASY to USE.

How to Use Your Personal Guide

Each of The Catholic's DIVORCE SURVIVAL Guide shows are centered on FIVE SURVIVAL POINTS and at the end of each show we give you practical help in THREE TAKE HOME TIPS. The five points are included in this guide each on a separate page, along with blank pages for taking notes or journaling your thoughts.

While watching the shows you can jot down quotes, notes, or questions on the journaling pages. Save them for later. Take them to prayer, your therapist, or share with your Spiritual Director.

In between shows you can review the Survival Points or Take Home Tips. How do they apply to your situation? What do you think God might be telling you through them? What would you like to tell God?

If you miss a session while in a parish group, you can readily review the points and tips for that show.

Save this guide for the future. Some day you'll take it out of some old box, dust it off, and maybe recall how God's grace was working to heal your heartbreak. You might be surprised – and thankful – to see just how far you've come after divorce!

ROSE SWEET is a popular speaker and author of numerous books on divorce, annulment, and remarriage. Rose serves as a lay advocate in her local diocesan tribunal and assists those who are considering annulment. She s also the producer of the landmark DVD series, The Catholic s DIVORCE SURVIVAL Guide. Rose lives in California.

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Rose Sweet